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*** Crystal Isles Wiki Page***

Iso: Crystal Isles   Isolde Gaming Info
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3x XP, 3x Harvest, Fast Tame, Short Nights

*** Mods ***
731604991 - Structures Plus - 44MB
729261989 - Redwood Feeding Trough - 6MB
823422953 - Hunger Tranq -  0.1MB
751991809 -  Death Recovery - 0.5MB
889745138 - Awesome Teleporters - 19MB

Welcome to the ethereal Iso: Crystal Isles.
This map features a combination of The Island and Scorched Earth in both assets and dinos.
Iso strives to create an beautiful environment with a customized look and feel like no other.
The map will feature ALL ark dinos, including Wyverns and future plans include unique creatures,
resources and an accompanying mod for the full experience.

Quick Fly Through   Detail Fly-Through Video

Bloodfalls Hollow
Wizzy Base at Bloodfalls Hollow

Artifact LAT LON

BRUTE 56.1 29.6 - In cave
DEVIOUS 80.4 41.1 - Wyvern cavern
CLEVER 62.2 29.0 - In cave
SKYLORD 38.3 43.5 - Bottom of waterfall
HUNTER 70.6 38.2 - Deep underwater ( crystals near by)
MASSIVE 56.9 52.4 - Pond at bottom of waterfall
CRAG 82.0 40.6 - Inlet on side of wyvern mountain Outside 2nd tier
GATEKEEPER 72.9 50.6 - Cave entrance in unfinished desert south of Red tower
DESTROYER 90.2 41.0 - out in the desert
DEVOURER 11.2 43.8 - out in the open on the edge of the snowy area
IMMUNE 28.1 18.0 - Redwood Bridge
STRONG 66.3 6.7 underwater on stone pilar
CUNNING 89.6 19,7 underwater on reef
Destroyer is at 90.2, 41.0

May 27 Map Update

Completed half the Redwood Biome, also known as 'The Great Forest'
Added in three caves in the current, completed Redwoods
Tweaked crystal harvests to give MORE crystal and less pure crystal
Tweaked Crystal Wyverns so corpses no longer give Primal Crystal so easily
Effectiveness of crystals for the Crystal Wyverns have been adjusted
Added the first Water Tunnels Inbetween the White Shoals and the Redwoods. These make for convenient passage as well as resource rich areas and travel under large portions of the map. Expect future expansions.
Enriched Bloodfall's Hallow. Increased foliage, added small metal rocks and hanging ivy.
Adjusted Bloodfall Cave entry volumes (should no longer kick you out)
Enriched the underwater tunnel in the Bloodfall lake
Added metal to Midland Savannah
Added more Tundra/Plains
Added a Northern Plains/Swamp
Both Kelp and Bio Kelp can now be harvested
Added a temporary in-game Mini Map

Server Notes:
This is a private server. Map/mods may change at anytime. You're welcome to play here.
The server does automatic reboot a 10 min notice given