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"Ragnarok" PVE
New ARK Expansion Map
Lease thru November 2018

Ragnarok Trailer
2x XP Multiplier, 2x Harvest Amount Multiplier, 5xTaming 2x Speed Multiplier, Boosted Dino Levels
Shorter Nights

731604991 - Structures Plus - 44MB
729261989 - Redwood Feeding Trough - 6MB
823422953 - Hunger Tranq - 0.1MB
889745138 - Awesome Teleporters!- 19MB
751991809 - Death Recovery Mod - 0.5MB
Spawn Changes:
Removed: Leedsichthys and Titanosaur

Dune Buggy Races on Beach
(Yes we actually have them)
New Tribe members welcome!
Main Tribe Base at 22/35 just up hill off beach "Viking Bay 3"
Sl1pg8r Ragnarok Vanilla Series! Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5 

Server Notes:
This is a private server. Map/mods may change at anytime. You're welcome to play here.
The server does automatic reboot a 10 min notice given

Dodging Lava Boms from Erupting Volcano

Aluran's New Griffin

Storm Brewing

Soli's Legs