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Course Program Registration
First Time Setting up Courses  

Log in
* Register with 'Demo" for evaluation, if you purchased an unlock key enter enter it
* Password is 'Demo' for evaluation

Main Menu
* Click on "Setup Menu" as that is where we setup initial settings like taxes, etc...

* If you have the Demo Database installed you need to delete demo students, Courses, Programs and change setup
   or you can copy the Template Database from "C:\Apps\CPR\Template\db.accdb" to "C:\Apps\CPR" replacing the demo database
   or uninstall/reinstall with Template option

--- Ok lets get started with basicic setup ---

* These are the forms you need to do an initial setup before registering students
   - You can change the default Password to log in from 'demo' to something you choose
   - Then Setup Taxes if any (Nav or Next Available Numbers can be left as is)
   - Rooms are Class locations i.e. Building/Room# like Piano Room or Auditorium, Room 101, etc
   - Payment Methots has the basics like Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Check
   - Demographics can be like Senior, Adult or whatever you wish to track
   - Regions can be Urban, Rural Student or whatever you wish to track
   - Programs are the Class Templates you offer. i.e. Dancing is a program and a Class would be that Program offered at a specific time

* After all this is setup then you are ready to create Classes you wish to offer to students