Sherwood's Private Paintings

Refresh Page to Update - Last update April 14, 2020 - Painting #28

Started painting this Feb 2020
Just  learning technique on the fly and figuring everything out as I go
2 1/2 months of painting taking break to reclaim table LOL-

Anchored Sailboat

It's a Corgi

Butterfly on Dandelion

Tuscany House on Hill

Spring Meadow

Cherry Tree on Grassy Knoll

American Southwest Stucco House with Flower Box*

Old Vietnam Home with Bougainvillea

Crete Sunset Lighthouse

Quiet Australian Beach*

Ontario Winter Woods


Water Lilies

Sudbury Forest Moon

Planet 4 Universe Series
This was kind of fun to do

Nude by Window

Mt. Fuji - I want to do more attempts on mountains

Japan Waterfalls and Blosson Tree

Netherlands Tulip Fields

Tropical Scene

Sailboats on Great Lakes

Southern Mountains

Mountain by lake
My first painting in 100 years lol    

Fluid Art Abstracts

Do I see sharks?

Pastel Abstract Acrylic on Canvas Pour
I see a scary ghost

Another Acrylic Abstract Pour


I may need a shower after that last painting
Good thing Acrylics wash off with water

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